About Us

PremiaBanx is a FinTech corporation specializing in
digital payment systems and turnkey solutions for enterprises.
PremiaBanx is powered by the company PREMIAFIN LIMITED (C100219).

Business concept

Fintech is a combination of technology and financial services that have transformed the way businesses operate. In the last few years, the financial technology sector has evolved considerably, resulting in the modification of businesses to a customer-centric approach.

PremiaBanx's role is to provide businesses with the systems to build these services, or to deliver a fully completed portal as a ready-to-use payment and exchange platform, - compliance and customer service included.

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The digitization process
of financial services includes:


Simplified access for users via the Internet or mobile apps


An increase in the speed of automated processes


Reduction in costs


A stronger focus on customer service (user experience analysis methods)


Higher transparency


Inclusion of new digital currencies

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Who PremiaBanx Serves

PremiaBanx's customer types include:

  • Neo bank and open bank start-ups, ready to join the market of specific countries.
  • Corporations that desire their own payment features and services to operate with ease.
  • Crypto communities that need a portal for their transaction and exchange activities.
  • Referral marketing companies that want to integrate payment systems into their interface.

Matteo Marzuoli


Matteo Marzuoli has been keeping up with blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and tech innovations since 2012. His work experience includes project management and external consulting for Microsoft and ISPs, along with networking and online community development. At PremiaBanx, he oversees the project managing and development of partnerships in addition to managing the overall operations and resources.

Matteo Team
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