Turn Key Solutions

Ready-made Crypto Solutions for B2B Purposes


PremiaBanx is a financial services provider for businesses and a banking-as-a-service provider.

In a turnkey solution, a corporate client simply has to "turn" a "key" to start a business in the newly built facility. The platform is delivered within 60 days, ready for immediate use from the agreement signage.

The only further actions required by PremiaBanx business clients would be to set their own service charges, monitor the activity from their admin accounts, and promote their new portal to potential customers.

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PremiaBanx Solution

Our solutions make it simple to enter a highly regulated market and begin operating as a financial institution.

Ready-made and fully customizable neobank applications for Web, Android, and iOS platforms are available with the most advanced features for businesses and individual users.

FinTech Challenge

Prohibitively expensive licensing, staff, and software development costs

 Licenses provided via third party agreements for any country

Extensive go-to-market time

 Ready to use platform delivered within 60 days from the agreement signage

Lack of expertise in finance, technology, compliance, and data security

 No need to hire a team; everything is managed by PremiaBanx experts

No in-house compliance, customer support, or technical support teams

 Customer service, legal care, and platform management are provided

Included Services and Features

Up to 130 Countries

PremiaBanx handles the compliance and licenses required for each country in which the customer intends to work. Licenses are obtained through agreements with third parties, thus allowing a broad coverage of countries in which to operate. Currently available in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Service Via Web and App

A responsive portal for all devices, accessible from web browsers and mobile apps, is included. PremiaBanx manages the application processes to publish an app for both iOS and Android.


IBAN issue to individuals and corporate customers now available in EUR and X. In addition, Proxy accounts are available for euros and dollars, allows any business client of a financial institution to register a mobile number or an alias that is uniquely mapped to their bank accounts.

Crypto Wallet Service

The number of cryptocurrencies available will increase over time. Whenever PremiaBanx integrates a new one, the integration automatically carries over to clients’ platforms in the system. There are currently 20 cryptocurrencies and tokens available.

Currencies list

DEFI Lending and Borrowing

Cloud-based assistance, analytics for fraud detection, and AI computations for ideal loan terms and risk factors are included. These advances help to speed up service processes. Smart contracts are utilized to store funds equivalent in value to the sum of the loan.

Swap Exchange Service

Swap allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another, instantly. PremiaBanx provides the exchange rates for X trading-pairs, including crypto-EUR one.

Trading-pairs list

Branded MasterCard Debit Card

Businesses' customers will be able to receive a branded, virtual and physical MasterCard debit card, enabling customers to withdraw from ATMs and to pay online and in-store in up to 130 countries. PremiaBanx manages the preparation of the card and its distribution when the physical card is ordered.

Staking and Vault Service

Holders of a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency could participate in consensus via a trusted staking provider. It’s enough to enter units inside a dedicated wallet to start receiving rewards for the verification work provided. To secure wallet access, vault service is available.

Customer services

PremiaBanx will assist customers of the new platform through support tickets and emails.

  1. Arrange a consultation with PremiaBanx sales team
  2. Contract agreement
  3. Reception in 60 days ready-to-use platform
  4. Set own fees from admin account

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